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What’s the first impression of your interior?

Thursday, August 26th, 2010
Home Staging Tips from Cross RealtyYou usually just have one chance at impressing potential homebuyers, so make sure the interior of your home is clean, uncluttered and attractive.
  • Clean regularly—everything from floors to windows should be spotless!
  • Clean everything—including ovens and major appliances
  • Add a fresh coat of paint where needed
  • Make sure curtains and window treatments are clean and in good shape
  • Remove excess furniture to make the rooms look more spacious
  • Pack away most of your home photos and personal collections, so buyers can envision their own possessions in your home
  • Decorate with plants
  • Remove excess clutter by putting away small kitchen appliances and items that sit on counter tops and tables
  • Eliminate any offensive odors. If you have pets, please “Fabreeze your interior before showings.

You only get one chance to make a first impression!

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

HomeFirst impressions are very important in the selling process. A large percentage of homeowners decide whether or not to look inside a home based on its curb appeal, or how it looks when your drive by. Make sure your home’s exterior looks its best. Before you list your home, be sure to:

  • Clear away any unnecessary garden implements and tools
  • Clean the windows and gutters
  • Pressure wash dirty siding and deck areas
  • Make sure the sidewalks are clean
  • Weed, edge and mow regularly
  • Rake and dispose of leaves
  • Trim tree limbs that are near or touching the roof
  • Mulch plant beds

6 Key Buyer Tips

Thursday, August 26th, 2010
  • Do your homework and find out as much as you can about home buying trends in the area you wish to relocate.
  • Don’t make big purchases, such as a car, new furniture or appliances, until after closing.
  • Keep your day job! Lenders are looking for consistency with your employment history.
  • Get pre-approved for your purchase. Decide what you are personally comfortable with.
  • Let your realtor do the heavy-lifting. They can help you identify neighborhoods, choose personalized listings, schedule viewings and assist through closing.
  • Get a professional home inspection done on the home you want to buy.

7 Tips to help you prepare for ownership

Thursday, August 26th, 2010
  • Check your credit rating and correct any errors.
  • Calculate a comfortable monthly budget, including the down payment and monthly payment.
  • Find a loan program and become pre-qualified (and, preferably, pre-approved).
  • Choose an experienced realtor, who knows the local marketplace and understands what you seek in a home.
  • Work with your realtor to find a neighborhood that matches you needs.
  • Make a list of the amenities you seek in a home.
  • Avoid making big purchases at this time, such as cars or appliances.

Buyers FAQ

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Buyers FAQ

Are there fees associated with using an agent?
In a traditional agent/buyer relationship, there is no cost for a buyer to use an agent. The agent’s compensation usually comes from the seller’s proceeds.

Can my agent advise on properties from other companies?
Yes, if that other company is a member of Multiple Listing Service (MLS), which most real estate companies are. For Sale By Owner (FSBO) properties are not listed in MLS, so an agent would not likely be able to provide information regarding them. However, with a buyer agency agreement, your agent may be able to help you purchase a FSBO.

What if I find a property on my own?
Call your agent and they will arrange for you to see the home. It’s helpful if you have the address or the MLS number of the property.

What type of information will my agent need from me?
Your agent will need to know:

  • What you are looking for in a neighborhood, such as a preferred school district, access to shopping, medical services, etc.
  • Specific information about your preferred home, such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, garage size, price, location, etc.

May I attend open houses without my agent?
You may. Just be sure to indicate that you are already working with an agent. If you don’t, your agent might not be able to help you write an offer on that property in the future.

How can I find out about new properties?
This is where a good agent can be a great help. They can do the ground work for you and let you know immediately about new listings via phone, text or e-mail. You can even receive automatic updates from the MLS system as soon as new listings are entered.

What if I am unhappy and want to switch agents?
As a courtesy, you should let your existing agent know that you are unhappy—and why. See if, together, you can work out any problems. If not, tell the agent you no longer want to work with them. The broker will help you choose another agent.

What’s the best way to work with an agent?
Agents are a wonderful resource for you when you’re looking for a home. Just remember, it’s best to:

  • Work with just one agent
  • Be honest—and tell them everything
  • Tell other agents that you are already working with an agent
  • Consider your agent as your professional representative

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