Did you know that Mr. Peanut has been around since 1916? Planters Peanuts actually held a contest to create a company logo which was won by a fourteen year-old schoolboy named Antonio Gentile. He won the contest with his drawing of a Peanut Man and an artist later added spats, a top hat, a monocle, and a cane to the drawing, and Mr. Peanut was born.


Over the years he has become a mascot that is synonymous with Suffolk, but it wasn’t until this last week, at 94 years old, that our Mr. Peanut was given a voice!



He’s now got his own facebook page!


He’s even changed color. He is now brown, rather than yellow, and changed into a gray flannel suit. I can understand the change of clothes and the new look, but the accent doesn’t sound like he’s from around here!


So isn’t it strange that Mr. Peanut sounds somewhat like Sherlock Holmes? It’s all fair and good getting a celebrity to do the voice over, but I think it would be more fun for him to have a true Suffolkian accent – Don’t you?  Shall we start an online campaign?


What are your thoughts of the new Mr. Peanut?