1. Make the most of that first impression. A freshly painted front door, clutter-free front porch, and a well-manicured lawn welcome prospective buyers.
  2. Invest a few hours of sprucing up. Make sure all rooms are clean and tidy. Remove scuff marks from woodwork and repaint walls if necessary.
  3. Think Safety. Make your property as nonperilous as possible for uninitiated visitors. Clean up extension cords, move low hanging light fixtures, and pick up any clutter.
  4. Check Faucets and Light bulbs. Dripping faucets and discolored sinks could suggest worn out plumbing. Burned-out light bulbs can leave buyers in the dark. Take care of these issues before prospective buyers view your home.
  5. Don’t Shut Out A Sale. If cabinets or closet doors stick in your home, you can be sure they will also stick in a prospects mind. Don’t try to explain sticky situations take care of them by replacing the doors or having them planed to close correctly.
  6. Make Room for Space. Potential buyers are not just looking for a comfortable living space, they are looking for storage too. Make sure your attic, basement, garage or storage shed are free of unnecessary items.
  7. Consider Your Closets. A very organized and neat closet appears larger. Box up unwanted items and donate them to charity and pack away those out of season items. The less clutter the better.
  8. Make Your Bathroom Sparkle. Bathrooms sell homes. Check and repair damaged or unsightly caulking in the tubs and showers. Display your best towels, mats & shower curtain for added appeal.
  9. Create Dream Bedrooms. Buyers look for a cozy and relaxing bedroom. Get rid of excess furniture for a more spacious look. Add a colorful bedspread and curtains to bright up the room.
  10. Let The Sun Shine In. Pull back your curtains and drapes so prospective buyers can see how bright and cheery your home is.
  11. Watch Your Pets. Dogs and cats are great companions, but not when your showing your home. Keep your pets outside or at least out of the way for showings.
  12. Keep a Low Profile. Real Estate agents know buyers – what they need and what they want. Your agent will have an easier time of presenting the virtues of your home if you stay in the background.
  13. Don’t Turn Your Home Into a Second-Hand Store. When prospective buyers come to view your home, don’t distract them with offers to sell your furnishings you no longer need.
  14. Defer To Experience. When buyers want to talk price, terms, or other real estate matters, let them speak to an expert.
  15. Help Your Agent. Your agent will have an easier time selling your home if showings are scheduled through his or her office. You’ll appreciate the results.