What the real estate market needs the most is a stable economy. The failure of Congress to simply do its job was devastating to our economy which translates into a setback for the entire real estate environment. I am fed up with a Congress that keeps playing the political game of how to stay in office. If they will not do their job, then it is time that the American voters elect people of integrity to get the business of our nation back on track. I hope you will make your voice heard!

Cross Realty Offers A Program That Helps Sellers with Short Sales!

Clients who are in a “short sale” position need specific help and advice. This program includes having sellers talk with legal council to assess their situation and take the best option for their specific situation. We offer a program that will help. Call any of our agents for more details. The worse thing a family in a short sale position can do is not be proactive.  Call us for individualized help today.