harry-son I want to take this opportunity to thank all those that gave us the privilege to work with them this year through Cross Realty’s Sales and Rental Companies. My Father started this business 58 years ago with a vision to help clients with all their real estate buying, selling and leasing needs. He also made it a company policy to give back to the community in time, talent and a portion of the company income to help where needed in the Suffolk community. I realize that I am blessed to be able to continue that tradition. It has been a very difficult time for our economy and that makes me appreciate even more our ability to help others.

Now let’s talk about INVESTMENT,  that is Human Investment. Our society does a pretty good job to make sure that there is a Thanksgiving Dinner or presents for Christmas for our community. But there are 363 more days in the year. I encourage you this year to make one extra Human Investment that might help on those other days. There are lots of places to do so. You probably have already thought of which one you want to do. So be that Secret Santa and make one more investment this year.

Hope you enjoy this Special Christmas Season and from all of us at Cross Realty, thanks for the privilege of being your Realtor.

Harry L. Cross, III