Yes, your home is beautiful, and it is where you have lived for the past several years, so who wouldn’t want to buy it? However, it is not enough to simply put a home on the market in order to get the best price.

“Price does indeed rule when it comes to selling a home. However, there are some ways to make sure you are getting the most money for your home you can reasonably expect. In order to get that, you must spend some time planning.

Realize selling your home is all about the buyer. If you want to sell it for top price, you must know who your buyer is, and convince them it is worth that. The seller is already convinced of the home’s value.

Learn who your buyer is and what is important to them. The practical step to #1 is to learn about your buyer and what they want in a home. Find out where they live, why they want to move, and what features they will want.

Market to your target buyer specifically and not to everyone. Most people are not interested in your particular home, but a subsection of buyers is. If you can market to them you will drive more buyers to your home than if you market more broadly.

Have an appealing MLS listing designed for your target buyer. Emphasize the features that are important to your buyer, and have lots of pictures. One picture is plain lazy in this day and age. Homes with 20 pictures or more get much more looks and visits than those with less.

The most important part of your home is the first impression. When they drive up to the house, and walk through the front door, they should already be positive about the place before they walk in. Any issues they see past that point they are more likely to brush off then if they had a negative view before they opened the door.

Selling a home is more of an art than science, and price is still king. But these are some actual practical steps you can do to get your home noticed by the right buyers. The more real competition you can get for your home, the higher the home will sell for. Focus efforts not just on getting bodies through the door, but on getting actual quality buyers making offers. To do this you must learn who those buyers are and you must market and sell to them.”