Bathrooms need to look absolutely pristine clean and as if they are not used. This means there should be no evidence of yours or your family members’ habits. This means no (and I mean no) personal items on the sink, in the shower or immediately visible.  No toothbrushes, used wash cloths, used towels, bathrobes, or used soaps, shavers, hairbrushes, etc.  While your home is on the market give each person a small caddy in which they keep their own items and take with them back to their rooms after use storing them in a closet.  Used towels and washcloths can be thrown in the washer or dryer out of sight. Light fixtures should glisten.  Ceiling exhaust fans should be free of caked dust.

Also remove all bathroom scales, toilet brushes, plungers, and magazine racks.  Remember if the bathroom isn’t used why would those items be there?  Getting my drift?

Does your medicine cabinet give away your medical history?  Buyers will focus on what is in there and if they perceive illness in a house may turn away.  In addition, it is unfortunate but true, there are some unscrupulous people out there posing as interested buyers who break away from the realtor with the intention of lifting prescription drugs.  The best thing is to put them in dresser drawers where buyers have no business looking.

Another psychological turn off are those fuzzy things on the toilet seats and floors. For some buyers just the thought of stepping on them grosses them out and they won’t even go in the room.  Best thing is to just remove them.  An absolute but obvious no-no is hair anywhere in the bathroom.  Does the word gross come to mind?  If it does, then you have just lost your audience.

Now that you have basically strip your bathroom of all traces of you, what can be put back to help set a mood?  Brand new fluffy towels, candles, flowers or greenery, sparkly glass jars of stones or shells.  Anything that sets the tone of luxury.  Think of a bathroom in an upscale hotel that has a basket of sample items for your use.  You are trying to give that feeling.

If your bathroom has a whirlpool or garden tub, play up its value by creating a spa atmosphere.  The idea is to boost the perception of the strengths of the room and minimize its shortcomings.