Two Common Sense Secrets for Selling Your Home:

Most secrets for selling your home are just common sense, if you think about it. The two items that affect the sale of a home most are “Price and Presentation”.

Price: Buyers go to internet sites multiple times, looking at homes, before they ever contact anyone. Their search is usually from the lowest price, for what they are looking for, to the highest they can afford. If you are not priced right, you don’t even make their search.  This is called the “Selling Zone”. I estimate that 70% of the market is priced above their “Selling Zone” and simply have little chance to sell.

Presentation: It’s all about good photos & virtual tours. Yes, perspective buyers will want to actually walk through the home, but to get them to that point, pictures are what grabs their attention. Below are some pictures that will grab a buyers attention. Our staff photographer, Suzanne Pruitt, has a real eye for catching just the right angle of a house. She has a great sense of a ‘special” place in the home. I always ask a seller, “What do you like best about your house?”. I always get great answers. Some times the answer is the light coming through the kitchen window, the porch that’s great for taking a nap or reading a book, where the Christmas tree always stands, or that “special’ place the kids read to go to far off places.

Homes are special. Don’t you want one? Call Cross Realty, we understand Price & Presentation!

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